The idea of modest fashion to many may bring images of burkas or abayas to their mind. Many people don’t realize that these are cultural items and though they are modest, they aren’t necessarily worn by all modest Muslim women. This past Ramadan we saw a few luxury designers launch Ramadan collections. The image that I mostly remember is the model wearing a D&G abaya. I remember seeing this and thinking, ‘that’s nice that modest fashion is becoming more mainstream but I don’t own an abaya and I probably never will”. Many women wear abayas but there are many women from all over the world that don’t.

The idea of having modest fashion that doesn’t conform to a particular cultural norm is a very foreign concept, even to women who dress modestly. Till this day women in countries all over the world still have clothes sewn by tailors. Women in the west, who want modest clothes will have them made by tailors back home. Even though these women shop at mainstream malls, the idea of getting non-cultural ready-made clothes is a new concept for them. We can tell from the number of questions we get from women asking if we can make them custom tailored clothes or if our midi dresses come with a shawl and pants.


We wanted to make clothes that women will wear, no matter where they are from. We wanted to take the difficulty out of getting clothes tailor made by offering ready-made clothes that were well made with a tailored fit. Since many of our customers were in the US, CA or across Europe, it was important to provide them with clothes that they could wear to school, work or just to go out.

August 08, 2016 — Kulsoom Gul

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