Whether it's the summer or winter, a long sleeve maxi dress is a staple in a modest wardrobe. 
Most women think a long sleeve maxi dress is a one piece only style option.  So choosing the right long sleeve dress for different occasions may seem easy, but when it comes to styling it, do you actually know all the possible choices? 
Long sleeve dresses are transitional pieces and can be play up or down based on the right accessories. 
See our style options below:
   Add a Statement Necklace.  You can completely change the look of a simple long dress with the right Necklace. 
  Get that cool girl city look with a leather jacket.  There is nothing cooler than a Leather Jacket over a Flowy Maxi dress. 
Have a plain Jersey Maxi dress? Cut a high slit into it and wear it over a Pair of Neutral color pants.  Its a refreshing new twist on wearing a simple Maxi dress.
Pair your wide leg pants with a long shirt dress for an ultra stylish look!
Throw away the belt that came with your maxi dress and use a ribbon as a belt instead.  Adding a different color ribbon will make your outfit stand out even more!



August 15, 2016 — Kulsoom Gul

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