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Muses Refugee Collection

The B. Zarina Muses Collection is a collection of Scarves Designed by us, Made by refugees and Supported by you!

Our Mission:

To empower refugees who have settled in the U.S. by nurturing their sewing skills and allowing them to earn an income through the sales of the Muses Scarf Collection.  

There are 60 million displaced people in the world, many of them fleeing civil war and violence in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Sudan.  Many of these refugees are displaced across the world without even basic necessities.  We wanted to help those who have resettled here In the United States.  Knowing that some of these refugees may have sewing skills from their native countries, we partnered with the Muses program to hire local refugees to create the Muses Collection.

The Scarves are designed by the team at B. Zarina and are hand stitched by refugees here in the U.S.  Proceeds from the sales of the scarves are given to the refugees to support themselves and their families.  Through the expansion of this collection we hope to empower the women who make these scarves and provide them with an opportunity to use their skills in their new found home.  We hope that you enjoy this collection as much as we did putting it together.


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