Over the past few years there has been a growing community of women who are using the internet to express how they dress modestly.  With the help of social media, these women across the globe are able to show their love of fashion and dressing modestly.  However, at the same time social media, shows us how divided the modest fashion industry is. 

Many women dress modestly to respect their religion, which typically comes with rules around how to dress modestly.  Those rules can differ quite drastically across faiths, from allowing dresses to come past the knee or requiring them to come to the ankle.  Aside from the religious differences, there are those women who dress modestly for their own personal reasons such as health or personal preference. 

Catering to such a diverse group of women does come with its challenges.  While trying to appeal to one market, one might in turn upset or segregate another market.  It’s a difficult balance that we think can be done with the right styling and the increase in modest fashion clothing brands. 


 Take for example the Midi dress, a staple in the closet of most modest women.  It has recently become a trend amongst Muslim women who wear it with tights or slim fit pants to cover their legs.  The midi dress offers full coverage while still allowing women to look stylish and modern.  Of course the same dress can be worn by Christian or Jewish women and still allow them to abide their religious rules of dressing modestly. 




In order to cater to so many women, offering the basics in modest fashion is key.  We offer clothes that are fully lined, including sleeves and bodice.  This means less layering is required and one of the main reasons women who dress modestly find it difficult to shop in mainstream stores.  Our Black Baby Doll dress is another piece that appeals to women of all backgrounds.  Many women find a simple maxi dress to be a staple in their closet because its comfortable enough to wear at home, modest enough to wear to a religious event and still can be dressed up to be worn out.  Providing versatile modest clothing pieces that can easily fit into your everyday wardrobe is our goal. 

August 01, 2016 — Kulsoom Gul

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