Zarina means Queen and that is the essence of our collection, clothes that make you look and feel like a queen. When we were naming our clothing line, we could have chosen a more generic name related to modesty but we decided to go with one that was more meaningful. B. Zarina is our grandmothers name and had it not been for her and her struggle, we would not have the design skills to create our line. When we were deciding on a name, we ran the name B. Zarina past a friend of mine, who spoke Russian and she immediately loved it and told us that zarina means “Queen” in Russian. It was perfect fit to a modest clothing brand that wanted to create clothes that would allow women to look and feel their best.

Our grandmother was left a widow with 6 small children in Northern Pakistan where working and getting an education are not an option for most women. To survive and take care of her children, she sewed hats and clothes. That talent of sewing and designing was passed down to our mother and then to us. You could almost say it’s an innate talent because it’s something we have been doing since a very young age. So young that I can remember using my old clothes to make dresses for my Barbie dolls. Picking out fabrics, cutting out designs and sewing them into beautiful pieces of clothing is something we have always done. We wanted to share our love of clothes with the world through B. Zarina.

July 25, 2016 — Kulsoom Gul

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