Let's face it, sheer clothing is in style.  Lace and Chiffon are pretty but when it comes to dressing modestly, these are some of the fabrics we tend to shy away from.  Fear no more, we've put together a few ways to style these ever so revealing fabrics that will keep you looking stylish and covered.




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The Problem: A Scandalous Black Lace Top

Solution: A chic styling option, such as a crisp white shirt under a lace top or crop top.  Pair it with your favorite black pants for an ultra chic look. 

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The Problem: A Translucent top or shirt dress

Solution: Try layering a neighboring color family.  Pairing your top with a pair of similar pants or skirt in the same color will give you an ever so slimming look.  Throw in a pair of peep toe booties to keep your look long and lean.

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The Problem: A Translucent Cardigan

Solution: Throw on a pair of white pants and a flowy white top to perfectly pair with your Chiffon Cardigan. The white jeans will add a bit of style to the boho inspired softness of the sheer cardigan.

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The Problem: A sheer or lace skirt

Solution: You have a lace skirt, now what do you do?  Try wearing it over one of your favorite maxi dresses.  Your dress will not also act as lining for your skirt, it will also ensure your top matches your lining.  A perfect solution!

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The Problem: A Chiffon Blouse

Solution: We all love the feel of a Chiffon Blouse, but it's not always work appropriate.  Here is a new way to wear it, instead of wearing something underneath, try throwing a sweater over it.  Of course add a tank top or high wasted skirt underneath for full coverage. 


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September 05, 2016 — Kulsoom Gul

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