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Harem Pants

If there was ever a trend that deserved to stay dead, it is harem pants.  What is a harem pant?  They are pants that have excessive material in the crotch and to make them worse, they are tight in the ankles.   No matter how many times people tell you that you can style them nicely, believe me it doesn't look good. These are the only people who have looked good in harem pants and yes, that is because they are Disney characters! 


You Never Get Anything Tailored

There is nothing that makes me cringe more then when I see pants that aren't hemmed properly.  Not getting clothes hemmed or tailored is undoubtedly one of the biggest fashion mistakes a person can make. Think about it: We’re all built differently, so mass-produced clothing won’t fit us all the same way. Not hemming your pants has to be the worst.  Even if you can't get your clothes to a tailor, try investing in some iron heat and hemming.

Having a tailor tweak hemlines, seams, sleeve lengths, even taking in too-wide garments can be the difference between looking ok and looking absolutely impeccable.

You wear White Shirts under all your dresses

It's not that a shirt under a dress can't be done.  For example, I love the 90's style of white shirts under a slip dress.  However nothing is worse than a beautiful dress ruined by a white shirt.  I get it, you fall in love with a beautiful dress and it is sleeveless.  So what is the easiest option?  Throw a white shirt on underneath.  The problem is that no one will notice the beautiful dress anymore.  So next time why not try pairing that dress with a long sleeved bolero.

Wearing too many prints


You should repeat this to yourself when you get dressed daily, "I promise I will limit myself to one or two printed items at a given time and only with the help of a trained professional".  Believe me, you will thank me later.

Overloading on prints can be tacky.  So try sticking to one print and add in some solid colors to balance it out.



You wear clothes with Inserts

Somewhere along the line, someone thought that adding a random insert of colorful fabric into an almost black abaya or dress is fashionable.  I'm not sure when this trend started or why, but it needs to stop.  Black doesn't go with everything and inserts make clothes look childish.  For a more sophisticated look, try a dress with embroidery, preferably in a color combination that matches.


It's a bad sign if it looks like you could repair your dress with a hot glue gun.

Unless you are under the age of 10, leave the rhinestones alone.  Instead try garments with beads or Swarovski crystals.   It's also a good idea to stick with more abstract embellishments, which are less likely to distract from the overall look. 


Poorly embroidered Clothes

If the embellishment looks like bad jewelry, don't wear it.  Overly ornate necklines can make your outfit look old and dated.  Keep necklines cool and simple.  Want to keep your outfit refreshingly young, try our steampunk top with a spiked neckline.


Wearing Too Many Bulky Layers

Make sure that you're not just throwing together random items where it could look like you are wearing a costume.  While layering is undoubtedly chic, there is a thing as too much layering. You want to make sure you're watching your proportions and don't bulk up too much with too many extra fabrics hanging about randomly. Instead opt for layers that blend well together and give you a more lean look.

Polyester Dresses


It's cheap and modest, you think it will look great too.  Then you spend the whole night pulling and tugging at your dress because it's too hot.  Yes, that's because polyester isn't a breathable fabric and not the most comfortable to wear.  Instead opt for stretch jersey fabrics that won't stick to your curves.

You are wearing a Mumu

Remember how I said not tailoring your clothes is bad, well wearing a mumu is worse.  Mumu's have no shape and well the only time you should wear them is when you are painting, so you can promptly throw them out when you are done.  If you want something that is loose and comfortable, maybe try a babydoll dress, one that isn't so big.

September 20, 2016 — Kulsoom Gul

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