The house of B. Zarina embodies chic, contemporary fashion with a modest twist. The brand evokes an attitude – not an age or demographic. We believe modest wear can be empowering, and stylish - ‘elusive’ rather than exclusive.

Sisters Kulsoom and Shazia are exemplary visionaries of the third wave American Dream. Now what exactly does that look like? The bearings of an immigrant family of Pashtun origin who embraced their grandmother’s passion for sewing and design have manifested into the brand we know and love today. Shazia says “Our grandmother was a widow who supported her entire family with her talent; her influence resonates in the looks we create.” This inspiration manifests in B. Zarina designs - where ornate sequins, and delicate embroidery of South Asian clothing mesh with New York chic cuts and draping.

“It’s simple – we wanted to design clothes that we wanted to wear.” – Kulsoom mentions when referring to her grassroots designing New York street wear. Her innovative cuts, eye for nuanced handwork, and bold print pairings caught the attention of some high street boutiques – including ‘Sex and the City’ stylist Patricia Fields.

B. Zarina provides women with effortless stylish pieces that will help them present their best image to the world. Through our ecommerce site we are able to offer shipping to over 150 countries. Partnering with ecommerce marketplaces like Amazon, Modli and Haute-Elan we are able to reach markets throughout the US, Europe and Middle-east.

Sophia Ahmed

March 06, 2019 — Sophia Ahmed

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