Fashion and social movements have had a symbiotic relationship throughout history – from the flappers of the roaring twenties embracing androgyny, to the bra burners of the second wave feminist movement. 


In 2017, we have seen some of the largest protests against misogyny all across the globe. And we have also seen women of all shapes, sizes, color, creed, and religions unite in solidarity to fight for freedom of choice, equal rights, and ownership of their bodies…including what they choose to clothe themselves with.


If you look up the word ‘Modesty’, some of the synonyms you will come across are: self-deprecating, self-effacing, and even ‘shy.  How then, did Modest fashion has become synonymous with  ‘Muslim’ or ‘Hijabi’ fashion?  The answer is simple – we are bombarded with the idea that those who choose to cover themselves have something to hide, their bodies – maybe even their voice.  B. Zarina’s core values honor the women of their family who embraced their self-love, expression, and skill by making clothing that made them feel powerful.


 Now more than ever, women should embrace that we ALL have the right to exercise modesty as a form of empowerment should you choose to.  To glorify yourself and YOU deem fit.   Claiming that women who wear less clothing are more liberated is a form of body shaming, and claiming that women who choose to dress modestly are oppressed is marginalizing.  Women have enough of that going on – embrace your right to be modest.  Wear what makes you feel …..proud. 




Sophia Ahmed

March 06, 2019 — Sophia Ahmed

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